I’ve done a lot of smaller stuff that doesn’t really deserve its own page.


BLS Renderer

The game Blockland lets you build with internet legos.  I built a thing with JavaScript and WebGL to let you view Blockland save files online.  This entailed reverse-engineering the Blockland save file format (most of which had been previously documented by the Blockland community) and the Blockland brick format.  I also learned JavaScript and WebGL.  The whole thing took about two days.


(you’ll need a browser with WebGL enabled; the latest version of Google Chrome and a decent computer should do it)


Persona 3 FES BGM TooI

I made a tool for adding music to Persona 3 FES.  It includes a pretty detailed readme.txt explaining how to use it. Part 1, part 2, and part 3 of my writeup on what I did.


There’s also a less-well-tested version for Persona 4 I made by request.  I’m pretty sure this crashes randomly due to the address the music selection routine stores its RNG seed at.



More eventually!