I do game development as a hobby. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve made that ended up in a playable state.

Battleship Iowa (Unity/C#, May 2016)

This is a 1-4 player game where everybody cooperatively crews a battleship with various stations (guns, steering, etc.). The objective is to destroy all the enemies on the map before your battleship takes too much damage. It’s sorta like Puzzle Pirates, but with combat instead of puzzles, I guess? This was made with a 4-person team as part of ISU’s game development course (the game’s theme had to be “Battleship Iowa” as a partnership with a museum in California). It was meant to be a term project, but naturally we ended up doing the entire thing in the last 4 days of the semester…still, it’s one of my favorite projects.


3D Asteroids (MonoGame/C#, April 2016)

For the same class, we developed a 3D “Asteroids” game with MonoGame. The objective is to clear a minimum percentage of asteroids within the time limit. There are a lot of optional modifiers (e.g. powerups), and even a split-screen multiplayer mode where a second player can join in with an Xinput controller. We weren’t given a project template or anything, so everyone’s games ended up pretty different.


Reversi (Unity/C#, April 2016)

A 3D Reversi/Othello game built in Unity. It features 3D pieces, animations, and an AI with multiple difficulty levels to play against. Again, made for class.


Flux RE (Torque Game Builder/TorqueScript, Sept 2010)

A clone of a really old shareware game named Flux, one of the first puzzle games I ever played as a kid (and a game that showed me that the right presentation can make even the most mundane gameplay exciting). This is a pretty faithful recreation of the “score attack” mode, complete with sound effects, explosion debris, and the announcer. It doesn’t even run anymore on modern Windows, so I hope they don’t mind that I lifted all the assets from the trial version.

I grew up modding Blockland, a game built on the Torque Game Engine (from Starsiege: Tribes), so this game was made with the trial version of Torque Game Builder, TGE’s 2D cousin.


2D Top-down Torque Game Builder RPG Thing (TGB/TS, May 2010)

This is the skeleton of a 2D top-down RPG. The overworld is similar to EarthBound’s (which I played a lot of in middle school), and the battle system is close to Paper Mario/Super Mario RPG. See info.txt for an explanation of the controls. Features some custom music composed by a friend.